Football Genius Challenge is here to test your problem-solving skills revolving around the football with its exciting and entertaining levels. Football is not only about physical effort. One must have a sharp mind to think and develop new tactics. With this game, you can prove that you have both a perfect mind and a perfect body for everyone's favorite activity. Can you complete each level with ease?

Seems like nobody bothered to clean up all the mess after the last match! The soccer field is empty, and there is no one to tidy up the balls scattered around, except you. Roll up your sleeves, and start cleaning up! The objective of this game is to clear every ball you see on each level without running out of moves, and collect every star. This game will challenge your logic through 40 amazing levels! On each level, you'll see balls lined up on the screen. By clicking on them, you can pop them. A popped ball will send little particles to four ways, and these will pop the others. There are 4 types of balls that you can use through the game. To pop a ball, it should be orange colored. You have to hit yellow balls to turn them into blue, blue ones into purple, and lastly, purple ones to orange. You can earn up to 3 stars on each level if you act fast. The time meter is located at the top of the screen. Each level gives you a certain amount of moves, and running out of them ends the game. The coach will be impressed! Maybe he'll take you to the team, and you can play in the next tournament!

Now that the soccer field is cleared, you can play football! Have you tried Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars? Have fun!


Playtouch developed Football Genius Challenge.

Release Date

February 26, 2019


  • 40 challenging levels
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Different types of footballs


Use your mouse to click on the footballs to make them pop.