In Football Coloring Book, put your ball aside for a moment, and grab a brush! The soccer field and your teammates can wait! Your only opponent in this game is neither the rival players or the limited time. Can you stay in the lines, and create a masterpiece?

Who doesn't like colors? They are lively and vibrant, and make people happy! So many drawings to choose from! Football Coloring Book features 12 different pictures that you can color! Each of them has different figures, from a professional football league player to girls and boys running at the soccer field. To start the game, select one of the drawings. Your painting tools are located on the right side of the screen. From a bright red to a tropical cyan, you can use 12 different colors to bring life to these drawings. Below the colors, you can see your brush options. There are 2 types of brushes, square and circle. Each brush shape has 4 different sizes, so you can color both the big and small gaps with ease. To start playing, click on the color you want to use, and pick a brush. Press and hold the left mouse button while your cursor is on the picture. A single brush stroke will leave a pale color, so keep repeating to get a more saturated color.

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Vi Games developed Football Coloring Book.

Release Date

October 30, 2018


  • 12 different football-themed pictures to color
  • 12 different vibrant colors to use
  • 2 different brush shapes with 4 different sizes
  • Relaxing gameplay


Use your mouse to play this game.