In Football Coloring Time, you can have that well-deserved break from the league! The coach thinks you've been quite hard on yourself during the season, and he believes you should relax before the next match starts. There is no better way to relax other than coloring! Grab your colored pens, brushes, paints, and start filling between the lines with vibrant colors!

So many colors so little time! Some may think that playing with coloring books is simple and boring. You won't be facing an opposing team or trying to win a world cup in this game. Instead, your objective is to color the various pictures as you want. When you start the game, click on the "choose a picture" button from the main menu to see the available images. This game features 12 different pictures, each with different characters on them. This game is meant to be relaxing! All of the pictures are unlocked, so you're free to start with the one you want. At the right side of the screen, you can see your tools. You have 16 different colors to use, and 2 different brush shapes, each with 4 different sizes. These football-themed pictures are so much fun to color! From a boy running at a soccer field to a girl playing with the ball, you have many choices. To start coloring, click on a color and then the brush type you want to use. Click and hold your left mouse button while the cursor is on the picture to paint it. When you finish, you can save the image to your computer!

If you want to get back to your professional football career, you can start playing Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars! Have fun!


Vi Games developed Football Coloring Time.

Release Date

March 26, 2019


  • 12 different picture to choose and color
  • 16 different colors to use
  • 2 different brush types
  • 4 different brush sizes


Use your mouse to play this game.