As the best Fairy Princess Dresser, you should help this beauty get ready for the big fairy event tonight! There are only a few hours left for the big night, and she has no idea about what to wear and what kind of makeup style she should put on. We wouldn't want her to be out of fashion in front of all the guests, right? Then grab your bag and get to work already!

No matter human or fairy, these princesses' fashion problems never end! Luckily, they have you to rush for help each time they need your assistance. This time your job can take a bit longer because there is so much to be done! Start with determining an eye color for this beauty and put the makeup you think fits the best. You can click on the arrow situated right side of the options to see more. When you are done with the makeup style, you can pass to the dressing up by clicking on the next step arrow. For this part, you can start with any category you wish. For example, you can determine the dress and pass to the accessories after. You can select a whole new hairstyle as the last touch to complete her unique style! Great job there!

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Racz Ioan Paul II developed this game.

Release Date

April 18, 2017


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Fashion inspiring gameplay
  • 2 steps to complete
  • Simple controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.