In Empire: World War 3, the day humanity has been waiting for has arrived! The war is about to start! So, you and your army should be prepared for the war or else you will be destroyed! Create a futuristic space army and battle around the world alongside millions of other players! Good luck!

Empire: World War 3 is an online multiplayer game that you have a chance to use futuristic weapons and fearless troops on your enemies! You will build a colony on Mars and fight for your restricted precious sources. Your objective in this game is to build up your entire Base. First, you need to produce resources for the base. Millennium is a very limited source, so it is really hard to discover. But you need to find and ship it to the Mars Trade Federation. Then develop an army of troops to defend your colony. You can upgrade your buildings, units, and look for new items as you proceed with the game. Developing your army is a very important step in this dangerous war, so you need to improve your tactics. Your army can loot enemy bases, prevent riva shipments to steal your resources, and fight for victory! You can also join alliances to take advantage of the war, it increases your profit and enhances your possibilities. Are you ready for this epic war? Good luck!

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Goodgame Studios developed Empire: World War 3.

Release Date

March, 2018


  • Online multiplayer game
  • Commanding an army
  • Strategy based gameplay
  • 3D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.