Help a poor stickman in Draw and Save Stickman! Sometimes stickmen can be so desperately in need of help even while doing simple things since they are so small for this world. So, now get ready to save this stickman from many scenarios.

This game has a total of 50 levels all of which present unique situations. These levels have all put the stickman in an awkward position and he needs to act very wisely to save himself. The only problem is that he can’t seem to save himself. So, now prepare yourself and open up your mind to use your drawing power and save him. The stickman will be standing on top of a platform ready to fall sometimes on a lava puddle, sometimes inside a shark’s mouth. Your task is to draw lines that will stabilize his position before the stickman gets hurt. Let’s see if you can save him through fifty different scenarios!

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TrendyGames developed Meow Meow Life.

Release Date

November 18, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• 50 levels

• Intuitive controls

• Save up diamonds to spend on tips

• Rewarded ads are available if you have difficulty passing a level


Drag the cursor to draw lines around the stickman.