Have you ever wondered how things got created from nothing? Become the creative force and play with elements to create new things in the amazing game, Doodle Farm. With so many different elements and groups of elements, you can experience the mystery of creation by combining various forces to create exciting new things. Are you ready to let your creativity run wild with all the tools of creation under your command?

Colorful graphics meet the many possibilities that the power of creation has to offer in this addictive game, Doodle Farm. Elements are the building blocks of creation in this game and as the player, it is your job to experiment with different elements as you combine them together to create new elements and items. When you first start the game, you will only have the fundamental elements such as fire, air, and life. To combine these elements, click on one of them and then the other. If the elements are compatible, they will mix together to create a new element. All of the elements fall under certain groups and there is a total of 15 different groups. As you discover new elements, you will also unlock new groups. There is a total of 141 elements you can unlock and play with. After some time, solving the riddle of which element goes well with another becomes very addictive. Can you become the most powerful creative force by finding all of the elements?

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JoyBits developed Doodle Farm.

Release Date

Nov 15, 2018


  • Over 100 different elements to use
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Quotes from different historical figures


Use your mouse to play Doodle Farm.