Hop on your car and destroy the city in Burnin Rubber Crash N Burn! An incredible experience awaits you in this crazy city. You can hit everything and go as fast as you can here and there will be no consequences! The sky is the limit in this city, so are you ready for this crazy ride?

You will have 25 tasks to complete in this 3D game with amazing graphics. The cars you will own have the best features like shooting flashes and extra turbo speed. With these amazingly cool features, it will be a matter of minutes for you to complete these 25 tasks. Just go around the streets as fast as you can and hunt down the objects or cars you are told to destroy. When you are that fast, it is only natural to hit things around. Don’t worry, though. Just try to keep your car away from exploding and you will be safe. In fact, you will be paid extra coins for each damage you give to the things around you because this is how rebels do! Feel free to use these coins to upgrade your gadgets and unlock cooler cars. Now, let’s see how much of a bandit you have in you!

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Xform developed Burnin Rubber Crash N Burn.

Release Date

January 21, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Assistive road map on the screen

• Graphics options of different quality

• An outlaw way of living!

• Gadgets and new cars to unlock


You can use the WASD or arrow keys of your computer to drive the car. Use the Z key to shoot your car’s weapons and the X key to boost your speed.