Run away from your enemies in Furious Ride! You have been a very dangerous outlaw, and now you are followed by a bunch of agents. You need to run away well from them and eliminate all of them to save your life! Are you ready for this dangerous adventure?

This game combines the fun of stickmen characters with the amazing feeling of diving into a 3D world. When you are driven by these vivid and fun visuals, you will not even understand how the levels pass by. You are going in the back of a truck, and you have a gun in your hand. So, this means it won’t be difficult for such an outlaw like you to fight your enemies following you with their cars. Just point your gun at them and also protect yourself from being shot. When you successfully get rid of all your enemies at a level, you will be earning money. Use that money to unlock new skins and more importantly better guns! Let’s see if you can get rid of the enemies until the end of the road!

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Rokito Games developed Furious Ride.

Release Date

January 21, 2022


• 3D graphics

• Guns and skins to unlock

• Many levels to pass

• First-person shooter game


You can use the left-click to shoot and the cursor to aim.