Dive into the dangerous life of a commando in Command Strike FPS! A thrilling adventure awaits you in this first-person shooter game. Now, get in the shoes of a soldier and see if you can handle the pressure of becoming a full-time shooter!

Here is a realistic shooter game where you can see the world through the eyes of your character. Through a series of missions, you will act as the commander of the army against the enemies. Your aim will be to get through the missions one by one while eliminating all the enemies you see. You need to always protect yourself to go on a level. There are three main settings namely the pool, alleyway, and industrial. Besides the twenty levels at each of these settings, you can also try out free for all, team deathmatch, and capture the flag in multiplayer mode. Keep in mind that you can unlock new and better weapons alongside bullet-proof vests with the earnings you have. Now, get ready to sneak around with your weapon for a breathtaking challenge

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Full HP Ltd developed Command Strike FPS.

Release Date

July 21, 2022


• Realistic 3D graphics

• Weapons to unlock

• First-person shooter game

• Many levels to pass

• Multiplayer mode available


You can use the cursor to aim, left click to shoot, and WASD keys to move.