Complete the impossible missions in Real Shooting FPS Strike! You are very much trusted by your boss, and he needs you to defeat many mobs around the world. As the best commander around, you need to fight against these terrorists to make everywhere safer. But you are all alone against many armed terrorists in many different parts of the world. Can you defend both yourself and the citizens against these terrorists?

You are all by yourself in this first-person shooter game. Get your gun and shoot the enemies for your life. You should move carefully because there are enemies everywhere, and they are waiting to hunt you down. If you can sneak behind them quietly or are courageous enough to run against them, you can shoot them freely as much as you can. With every shot, you will get extra money, and a headshot means even more money! There are thirty locations that you need to visit and fight for your life. It's a challenging mission, and you need to be a strong fighter to get to the end of the storyline. When you eliminate all the characters in these thirty locations around the world, the world will be safer, and you will be a hero. To unlock new and more powerful guns, you need to earn much more money and that comes with killing more enemies. Get your first-person point of view and fight against the enemies from the first hand with amazingly realistic graphics. Can you kill all the enemies and see the end of the storyline?

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Driving Games developed Real Shooting FPS Strike.

Release Date
November 15, 2021

• 3D realistic graphics
• Guns to unlock
• First-person shooter game
• Many levels to pass

You can use the mouse of your computer to shoot and WASD keys to move.