Think outside the box with Break Your Brain! Break the rules of the classic exams and puzzle quizzes with this extraordinary brain test! Show everyone how smart you are with unique answers to unique questions. Get mind-blown with each question, search desperately for new clues, and feel like a genius for each mystery solved!

Forget all you know about exams and puzzles; this test is here to break all the ideas about them! The era of classic puzzle games is over; now is the time of eccentric questions with unthinkable solutions! To see the invisible is a rare gift, and this is the right place to prove what you have. Each level requires a brand new point of view, so you must reset your mind between levels to ready yourself for the next challenge. Start with the first question and inspect the screen to see a way out. The first answer that comes to mind is not always the right answer, especially in this test. Instead, you must try checking the items around, moving them, and clicking on the question. Come up with silly answers to the questions, and do not be afraid to try the craziest options. You can also get free tips to skip to the next level!

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Mirra Games developed Break Your Brain.

Release Date

December 16, 2022


Funny questions with unique answers

Colorful images

Unlockable tips

Improving logic skills

Fun for all ages


You can use your mouse to play this game.