Today is the day for Back To School Fashionistas! Are you excited too? It is the first day of high school, and our princesses are very excited. They want to look like perfect students. They are hardworking as they should look. Also, they want to seem fashionable but don't know how. Maybe you can help them to choose what to wear. If you are up for jumping into their wardrobes, let's click on the play button and start the game!

How amazing the first they of high school? It is the day for our princesses to experience this feeling. They want to make everything perfect. They are hardworking students, but they also follow the fashion close. That is exactly why they care about their appearances this much. Can you help them to create the best outfits for today? The very first thing to do is to click on the first princess. Click on the clothes to select them. Click or tap on the arrows situated at the bottom of the wardrobe to see the next category. Apply the same process for the next 3 princesses. After you wear all them up, you can prepare the board for the new students. Write or draw something that you want so that they can pose in front of the board. Nice work!

We have other princesses who don't know what to wear for their first day either. If you want to help them, you can find them in Highschool Divas.


Agame developed Back To School Fashionistas.

Release Date

September 22, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 4 girls to dress up
  • 5 stages to complete
  • Fun characters and a background


You can use your mouse or the touch controls to play.