Dress up cute babies in the most adorable costumes in Baby Dress Up! In this fun and age-appropriate dressing game, you can pick between four babies, unlock features, accessories, and outfits for them, follow their sleep schedules, and keep them happy and content! Follow their thought bubbles to see what your babies are dreaming of, and enjoy being a professional babysitter!

Babies are the biggest gift to humanity; they bring love, joy, and warmth to our lives. In this fun dress-up activity, you are allowed to make connections with four cute babies, tend to their needs, and customize them for events! What are you waiting for, go to the menu and pick the first baby you want to play with! After choosing a baby, you will be presented with the hairstyles at the bottom. You can switch between the tabs below them and check out the other objects and clothing options. You can pick dinosaur or animal costumes, fun diapers, tops and pants, and other outfits to try on! Go to the toys tab to entertain your baby with games before sleep. Click on the moon symbol on the top right to make the baby sleep, and feed them when they wake up. Have fun!

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ARPAPLUS developed Baby Dress Up.

Release Date

June 19, 2023


  • Age-appropriate
  • Lots of outfit options
  • Unlockable features
  • Four adorable babies


You can use your mouse to play.