Let’s test if you know a lot about the animals in Zoo Trivia! Get ready to see many pictures of beautiful and various animals. Can you name all of them in this trivia game?

You have thirty levels in this game. At each of the levels, you need to name the animal in the picture. Some of these animals might be very familiar to you but some of them might be tropic animals and you might have difficulty naming them. Either way, try your best and get help from the letters given to you below the picture. All you need is to order the letters you see to get the word correct. Click on the letters to place them on the empty spots and click on them again to remove them. You can also unlock hints that will help you find difficult names. Let’s see if you can name all the animals now!

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Inlogic Software developed Zoo Trivia.

Release Date

July 31, 2019


• Colorful graphics

• 30 levels

• 3 hints to help you out

• Unique questions at each round


Click left on the letters you want to place on the spot.