Hold your breath and try to become the millionaire in Millionaire Trivia Quiz! The most exciting moment of your life has come. You grew up watching this show and now your dream has come true. Now, sit on the most famous seat of the TV world and try your chance!

Now, relax, take a deep breath and focus on the chance of your life. The host of the show is in front of you. You need to keep calm and process all the questions one by one. If you choose the correct answers, you will be moving on with the upcoming questions. The price of the first question is 100 dollars. The questions get increasingly more difficult and the price gets cumulatively more. You can always take the money at hand and go. But try your bonus helpers first if you don’t know an answer to a question. Try not to make any mistakes so as not to lose your chance to become the winner. Now, hold on tight and try to see the final question with the million dollar price!

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AppyApp developed Just Vote.

Release Date

May 12, 2022


• Interesting multiple-choice questions

• Realistic quiz show atmosphere

• 3 hints

• Non-repetitive question poll


You can use your mouse to choose the options.