Lose yourself in the satisfying animations and 3D toys of Zen Triple 3D! Find the three copies of each object among floating items in a transparent sphere, place them on the limited slots you have, and group them in threes to send them out of the game table! Complete levels, earn stars, and open treasure chests!

You are about to meet your new favorite 3D matching puzzle! Let the relaxing 3D objects of every color floating in the sphere calm your nerves as you rotate and match them. Leave the traces of overthinking behind and step into this satisfying skill challenge. Learn to use your limited slots and improve your attention skills by seeing the invisible in a crowded pile of objects. Hold the sphere by tapping or clicking and then slide to move it. This move allows you to see the other objects piled behind. Now find three identical items, and click or tap on them to place them on the slots below. Avoid filling these slots unnecessarily. Also, keep an eye on the countdown above to make sure you finish the level before the time runs out! Add new objects to the pile by unlocking them, and become a master of matching puzzles!

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Albayoo developed Zen Triple 3D.

Release Date

July 29, 2022


Bright colors and a relaxing theme

Nice 3D graphics

Simple control mechanics

Surprise gifts and treasure chests

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play.