Jump high and run fast in X Parkour! You might be a slim, little stickman but this doesn’t stop you from running as fast as the wind. Now, enjoy a thrilling adventure and complete all the parkours as the sportive stickman you are.

You have a total of twenty levels in this game. All you need is to go from the start to the end of the platform. Achieving this might not be so easy, though. You need to get over many obstacles that you will come across throughout the game. You will see some blocks that abruptly disappear, some spikes you should stay away from, and many other various features that you should come familiar with. If you are good of a runner, you can complete all the levels and see the final level. Always try to collect the coins around and try to complete the levels as fast as you can to get more points!

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SNSHUB team developed X Parkour.

Release Date

December 07, 2020


• 2D graphics

• 20 levels

• Checkpoints available

• Quick and fun gameplay


Use the right and left arrow keys to run from one side to the other, jump with the up-arrow key, and spin in the air by double-clicking the up-arrow key.