Unleash your imagination and let your creativity flow with World Craft 2 because you can create just about anything in this world made from blocks! An endless world filled with hills, rivers, trees, mountains, and much more is waiting for you as an empty canvas. Remove a mountain or create a new river! Your imagination is the only limit you have to go beyond in this game of blocks! What are you waiting for? Start building at once!

Not so different from other world-building games and quite similar to the very popular title Real Minecraft, World Craft offers a peaceful and calm way for you to spend your free time. You can build whatever you want in the 4 different endless worlds the game offers. Each world is made from blocks and you can manipulate the worlds by adding or removing these blocks. Are you ready to build something? To start the game, choose one of the 4 worlds you want to play in and press the play button. Wait until you land on the world and you can start your adventure! To move around the world, use the WASD keys. Pressing the space bar key will let you jump, so go ahead and climb those mountains and hills to find yourself a perfect spot to build a house! What is that ugly rock formation doing on this otherwise flat surface with a nice lake view? Remove that hideous thing block by block using your left mouse button. You’ve found the perfect spot and cleared the area and now you are ready to build! You have 25 different block types to use. Press the E key to open your inventory and click on the block type you would like to place with the left mouse button. You can place the block by using the right mouse button.

Build houses, skyscrapers, or even mountains! Enjoy the creative freedom World Craft 2 offers. Playing with blocks might be fun but are you up for the challenge our various online puzzle games offer?

Release Date

April 2018


  • 4 different worlds to play
  • Many items with unlimited uses
  • Build anything you want
  • Nice music


Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. Use left mouse button to destroy a block and the right mouse button to place a block. Press the E key to open your inventory.