Play Wheely 8 for free online! Encountering foxes and other wildlife during a pleasant picnic might be a common occurrence, but in Wheely 8, the eighth installment of the popular puzzle game series, there is no place for common things. Is that a shooting star? In the day time? No! That’s a UFO! What luck! It crashed just beside the spot where Wheely and Jolie decided to have a picnic. Don't be afraid, though. These extraterrestrials are friendly, and they need help to repair their spaceship. Wheely has offered to help them, and he trusts you to handle the situation. Turn this picnic into an unforgettable memory by helping the aliens and showing them that Earth is friendly to prevent a future invasion!

Wheely’s fame has reached beyond the stars and aliens need his help to fix their spaceship. In the eighth adventure of your favorite red car, help Wheely travel through the city, forest, and other places to collect the right tools to repair the aliens’ spaceship. Wheely knows just the right one for this job, the owner of the local repair shop. As the player, your job is to help Wheely complete each level as he tries to collect the right parts. Similar to the other games in this puzzle-adventure game series, you have to solve puzzles and clear various obstacles in each level to create a safe path for Wheely to help him reach the exit. The end of the level is marked with a red flag and reaching it without getting trapped or killed is your main objective. You can also try to find two hidden items in each level for extra points: a wheel and a toy car. The controls are not complicated like the latest alien technology. All you have to do to activate and move the puzzles and other mechanisms in the levels is to click on them.

This is not the only Wheely adventure! Have you seen him battling dragons and dark wizards to save the princess? If not, then get ready to dive into a medieval fantasy world in Wheely 6!


Pegas Games developed this game and the entire Wheely games serie.


  • 12 levels
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Colorful graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play this game.