Fly high to get through all the difficulties with your wings in Wings Rush Forces! You should get your range and be ready to go over all the platforms by using your super wings. There will be many enemies and obstacles waiting for you, so be careful and go on your way!

This is a fun yet thrilling adventure action game. Here, you will be accompanying our little furry hero. As high as he can fly, you will be running with all your speed through the platforms. The main thing you need to focus on is collecting the rings you will be seeing around. But not to lose any progress or all your rings, you need to be careful about the enemies that can attack you or the sharp spikes on the ground. If you can reach the final gate at the end of each level, you will be able to successfully reach your destiny. Now, fight your enemies and survive through these risky platforms!

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Developer developed Wings Rush Forces.

Release Date

June 30, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• 15 levels

• Easy and fun controls

• Addictive and fun gameplay


You can move with the WASD or the arrow keys.