Break the beauty standards with What a Leg! Giving life to creatures and coming up with creative designs for their limbs are not easy. In this fun 3D challenge, you can draw new legs for your athlete and take your team to the top! Watch out for the obstacles; you must adapt to the changes to keep your place on the throne!

You might be good at drawing, but this game requires more than that. Here, you must be good at physics and logic too. You will not only be designing legs but also building new tools for your teammate. Pick up the pen and bring over your teammate. You can see the borders of your canvas where her legs must be. You can get creative and draw anything you like within these lines, but be careful; only the best can make it to the gold medal. Keep your eyes on the road and your hand over the table, and quickly draw a new pair when threats approach. The size of the legs can change the height of your character, bringing you ahead of your opponents. Use your income to buy upgrades, and become the best in your field!

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RHM Interactive developed What a Leg.

Release Date

April 25, 2023


  • Funny game theme
  • Improving logic and drawing skills
  • Unlockable upgrades
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.