In Magic Pom, a colorful and fun adventure awaits you! These poms welcome you to their land to let you discover more about them. Are you ready to join in on the fun and play a match-three game with them?

If you are bored and feel like trying a new game, say no more! Just tumble down the rabbit hole and find yourself in a whole new world. But this world won't be anything like you've ever seen before because this is the world of poms! Everyone knows how secretive they are, so you should be proud of the fact that they invited you to come and play with them. In this game, your objective is similar to the other games of the same genre. You need to link 3 of the same poms to earn points and complete the objective before the timer ends. When the game starts, you can see the objective on the top of the screen. And above that, the timer can be seen. You need to link 3 identical poms that are next to one another. If there's another creature between the three you want, you can't create a line between them. Keep in mind that connecting 5 poms will create a special one that can be used to save the ones that are trapped inside a bubble. The objectives can change in each level. Do you think you will be able to complete all the levels and fill the magic bar at the bottom of the screen? Good luck!

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Hermit Crab Game Studio developed Magic Pom.

Release Date

April 19, 2021


  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Many levels to complete
  • Unlockable new poms


You can use your mouse to play this game.