Build your own business empire in Hotel Tycoon Empire! You have a little money at hand, and you want to put it to use. Nothing will work better than a good investment in a business idea. Now, trust your plans and guts and rule the world with your hotel empire!

Hard work pays off well if you know what you’re doing. In this game, you will experience this while building your hotel. After you first found your hotel, you should work hard and do the right things one after another to earn money. The more money you earn, the faster your business will grow. This is possible thanks to many options that you can upgrade. First off, work very hard even though you collect very little money by tapping on the screen. When you reach a certain amount, you can get new employees, upgrade their skills, expand your hotel or upgrade to new operations. These will all let you have more visitors and eventually earn more money. Also, take advantage of the passive incomes and the rewards you get by completing the missions. Now, let’s hop on a journey where you will see a lot of new things coming and build your own empire!

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Holy Cow Studio developed Hotel Tycoon Empire.

Release Date

January 24, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Strategic thinking

• Employees, systems, and supplies to upgrade

• Saving money and spending the money you saved

• Passive income system


You can use the left-click to choose options.