Set the desert on fire with your speed in Desert Car Racing! Hop on your car now because it is time for you to show your speed and become the winner of all time. In this saffron-like desert, you are all alone to prove yourself. Let’s see how good you’ll do!

This is a game of excitement and full speed. You don’t even have a second to lose because the very moment you miss a split second, you will fall behind your rivals. You are racing with two other opponents at each level and you need to become the winner to pass the levels. Collect money by becoming the winner and use it to unlock better cars. There are ten levels for you to enjoy. Try not to fall off the edges and act strategically to drive past your rivals. So, speed up now and let some loose in these fun parkours. Let’s see if you can become the all time winner!

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Developer developed Ultimate Car Arena.

Release Date

May 04, 2022


3D colorful graphics

New cars to unlock

Need for skillful driving controls

Fun driving experience

Thrilling arena and ramps to drive and drift through!


You can use arrow keys to drive the car and press the space key for the nitro speed.