Get ready to get the best out of the off roads in Ultimate OffRoad Cars 2! The adventure is going on with the best offroad cars out there. Make use of the powerful functions of your cars and try out all the levels until you get to the final point.

In this driving game, your adventure will be accompanied by realistic 3D graphics. Let it rain, feel the breeze of the wind, and go over the mountains. In a powerful offroad SUV, you will be able to get over many difficulties that need good motor power. Keep on hitting the gas and monitor your balance. When your efforts and the motor power are no longer enough at a challenging point on the road, you can get help from the winch. Your cars have a winch feature which makes it possible for you to attach the hook to a point and pull yourself. You should give in all you got to reach the finish points of the roads. Let’s see if you’re made to overcome the difficulties of the offroad!

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Developer developed Ultimate OffRoad Cars 2.

Release Date

August 31, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• 9 levels

• 5 different vehicles to try out

• Addictive roadmap to drive through

• Realistic environment with beautiful views


You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive the vehicles. Use the Z key with the cursor to attach the winch. You can pull the car with the C key and release the cable with the X key.