Learn the basics of recycling with Twin the Bin! Recycling is so important for our world. To protect mother nature, we should recycle more. But do you know what recycling really is? Get ready to learn from the best recycling twins in the most fun way!

Now, you have the chance to do practice with our twins. They are in a recycling unit and working all by themselves to save nature. You can be by their side during this and learn the best ways to recycle from them. Now, help these cute friends and see if you can really understand the rules of recycling. Most importantly, there are groups of waste that you must pick in different bins. These groups are glass, plastic, paper, and organic. You will see which waste you should collect in the bin at the beginning of each round. When you get the correct type of waste in the bin, you will get 20 points. When you get the wrong type of trash, you will lose 10 points. Let’s see how many points you will collect at the end of 4 rounds!

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Code This Lab srl developed Twin the Bin.

Release Date

January 08, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Intuitive skills

• 4 main levels for each type of waste

• Learn the basics of recycling!


You can use the arrow keys to move the characters.