Axe your way in Timberman! You have a very risky and difficult job that no one else can do. Get your ax and show everyone how you can shape the skyline with your great powers!

Grab your ax, get your position, and start chopping off. You will be taken to a series of various settings where you need to use your ax to chop off the woods you see. Whether it’s a tree in a forest, a high iron stack, or an ancient-Egyptian monument, you need to use your ax and try to shorten the unforeseeably high objects. While chopping these objects, you need to take caution with the branches not to crush them under them. To avoid getting squeezed by the branches, you need to rapidly move around the wood by left clicking or using the arrow keys on the opposite side of where the branch is. You have a time limit that quickly runs out. The time bar refills with each successful move, so you can go on until you hit a branch or take too long to make a move. Don’t forget to unlock new sections of the world you can build with the coins you move. Also, try out new characters for new environments and fun gameplay!

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Digital Melody S.A. developed Timberman.

Release Date

July 2022


• 2D pixel-art graphics

• Various worlds to build

• Characters to unlock

• Intuitive controls


You can click left or right on the screen or use the arrow keys to switch the position of the character around the wood.