Enjoy the realistic driving simulation experience with SUV 4x4 Simulator! Improve your driving skills with luxurious vehicles! You can now try all the action stunts with this expensive SUV, break speed records, and enjoy the risk with no consequences! Take jobs, lose them, and try again with improved tactics to make money!

This 3D driving simulator has everything you need! Stunning city views, a real-time minimap with every detail on the road, assignments and surprise jobs, customization options, and more! Get into your new toy and buckle up your belt; we have work to do! Before hitting the streets, check the garage to see the customization options. Here, you can change the color and design of your car, including the windows, wheels, neon lights, smoke, and caliper. You can also adjust the suspension at the same window. Create your dream car with what you got, and leave the garage to make more money. You can roam the streets as you wish or focus on the drifting challenge, which is an alternative way of making money. There are also job offers distributed throughout the city. Speed up while making your way toward one, and try to hit the speed limit while passing through. Good luck!

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Inspector Studios developed SUV 4x4 Simulator.

Release Date

January 25, 2023


  • Good 3D graphics
  • Unlockable detailed customization options
  • Graphics settings
  • An open city map


Use "W, A, S, D" to move and the spacebar for brakes.