In Super Racing GT: Drag Pro, prepare yourself to race across the world. In this drag racing game, show everyone that your racing skills are unmatched and do your best to win. Because your opponents are ready to do anything to defeat you. Are you ready to do show them who's the boss?

Your car is ready to hit the road. Don't keep it waiting. In this game, your objective is to win each race you participate in. Best get your engine roaring. Vroom vroom! Ready, steady, go! All you need in this game is your mouse. You'll see a pedal icon at the right corner of the screen. Click on it and try to keep the rev needle in the green area. Timing is everything in this game and you will also need to change gear at exactly the right time. Just wait until the rev needle hits the green zone and when it does click on the arrows you see at the right corner of the screen. If you follow these steps, you'll be sure to win. But you'll also need to pimp your car to win. You can check the in-game shop to buy upgrades. You can also buy new cars with the money you earn after each match. Play now and show everyone that the king of the roads has returned.

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Playtouch developed Super Racing GT: Drag Pro.

Release Date

December, 2017.>


  • Fun and fast-paced gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Customization options
  • New cars to buy


You can play this game with your mouse.