You’d better find somewhere else to eat because the kitchen is closed today. In Paintball Racers, jump into your miniature car and race against other cars in a cluttered kitchen to come in first place. Evade the different obstacles a kitchen counter can present, such as forks, spoons, and knives, and shoot your rivals if they dare to outstrip you! With Paintball Racers, collect power-ups, build up your turbo, and smother your opponents in your exhaust smoke as you reach the finish line.

The kitchen is getting heated but not because of the stove! Not all races have strict rules! Some are more laid back and let you be more resourceful! That is exactly how Paintball Racers works! Armed with a powerful weapon on the hood of your car, the race becomes even more exciting. As the player, your objective is to finish each race in first place through all 20 levels the game offers. In addition to the weapon, your car also has a turbo boost for you to use if you fall back due to a misplaced fork or plate along your route. You can use the Z key to activate your turbo, but keep in mind that your turbo meter is not infinite and you will need to fill it after every use. With each stunt, such as jumping from a ramp or performing a wheelie, your turbo meter will refill. Use it wisely and you can leave every other racer behind! Need more power? You can use 4 different boosters, which you can buy with the coins you have collected in each level to give yourself the upper hand in this heated race. Time to shoot someone! Use your weapon to get rid of that annoying racer who’s been tailing you for a while. In Paintball Racers, you can collect 4 different bullet types, each with a different effect! Put on your helmet and show those racers that you are the only winner in this race!

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SMOKOKO S.A. developed this game.

Release Date



  • 20 fun levels
  • 4 different boosters
  • 4 different bullet types
  • Purchase upgrades


Use the WASD or the arrow keys to control your car. Press the Z key to activate the turbo, press the X key to jump, and use the space bar to shoot paintballs.