Hold onto your helmets! In Super Battle City, the mayhem ensues with massive tanks rumbling around the battlefield, causing the ground to tremble with their unstoppable wheels! Cannonballs are launching from every direction and it becomes hard to focus amongst this chaos. Do you have the heart of a veteran, a war hero, or will you hide behind the shielded hulls and pray for this battle to end at once? No matter who you are, you will be sure to feel the adrenaline pumping through your body as you try to defeat your opponents while trying to protect your base!

Super Battle City offers addictive gameplay with its many achievements, fast-paced action, and non-stop fun! The battlefield requires constant attention. Even a momentary lapse of attention means disaster for anyone who takes part in the battle. Keep your eyes on your enemies and try to defeat them before they defeat you. As the player, your objective in this great battle game is to destroy a number of enemies before getting killed by them. You take the controls of a sturdy tank and try to defend your base, capture turrets, and take over the battlefield! At the start of the game, your tank will only have basic features. A moderate speed, rather slow rotation speed, and not very powerful weapons. Destroying other enemy tanks and clearing obstacles from the map will reward you with coins that you can spend at the upgrades shop to turn your tank into a fearful nightmare! Unlock new weapons, increase your tank’s speed, improve your armor, and many more amazing upgrades await you! You can also collect various power-ups in the levels to gain the upper hand! Grab a shield power-up to increase your resistance or collect another power-up to stun your enemies for a limited time! On the battlefield, only the most resourceful player can survive!

Surviving against the computer might be easy, but do you have what it takes to survive against other players? Challenge yourself in Tanko.io as you try to compete against other players to become the most powerful tank ever!


  • 8 different achievements to earn
  • Survival mode
  • 5 challenging episodes
  • 2D graphics


Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move your tank around. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.