Grab your sword and jump on your giraffe to fight your way through many levels to get your friend Mister Rock back from the evil Mr. B. in Super Adventure Pals! Enjoy the colorful world of this game as you slay the beats and pass the levels with a hilarious story. The gates hiding the path leading to the icy mountain remain shut! Collect rubies and open the door and rescue your friend!

Super Adventure Pals is a dynamic platform game with many levels to complete! Everything started when three best friends, the Hero, the Giraffe, and Mister Rock decided to have a nice picnic together. Their laughs caught the attention of the local grump, Mr. B., and he decided to put an end to their joy. Sneaking up on Mister Rock, Mr. B. kidnapped him and took him away. Left devastated, it is up to the Hero and the Giraffe to rescue their friend! As the player, your objective is to complete each level by beating the enemies in it. When you first start the game, you can choose from two different control schemes. Pick the one that suits you best and start the game. As a platform game, you will have to navigate through many obstacles. Slash with your sword to kill enemies or break walls, jump above gaps to prevent falling to your death, and collect coins to unlock and buy new items. Visit the village shop and buy supplies that could help you through your journey. The world of Super Adventure Pals is not empty! You will find many interesting NPCs that you can talk to. Apart from giving you information about the world, they can also unlock new levels for you! Can you go the distance and rescue your friend, or will you let Mr. B. get away with his evil schemes?

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Julian Wilton and Jay Armstrong made this game.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Amusing animations
  • Good story
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to play the game.