Agile, nimble, determined, and strong. These are the traits you need to become a master ninja. Take control of one of these ancient warriors in our addictive and action-packed game Sticky Ninja Academy! Just like your master taught you, it is time to show your skills as you beat enemy ninja to claim the treasures they have hidden away from you. Are you ready for an action-packed adventure? If so, put on your mask and get ready for jumping.

You can unleash your inner ninja through the 30 challenging and entertaining levels Sticky Ninja Academy features. As the player, take the role of a student ninja and do as your master has taught you. Your objective in this amazing game is to complete each level by defeating every enemy you see to open the doors of the treasure vault and claim what’s inside. A ninja’s life is full of challenges and you will experience these challenges in the form of different puzzles on each level. Each level has a different layout that you must travel through without dying. These are made from three different platforms. Regular platforms are the most common type you will encounter. Unlike regular platforms, sticky platforms are a type that you can jump on and stick to. The last platform type is the deadly platforms. They’re made from spikes and they are as deadly as they look. Stepping on these will kill your character, so try to avoid them. Your ninja has spectacular jumping skills and you can control him with the use of your mouse. Click on your ninja with the left mouse button and choose the direction you want him to jump in. You will earn points depending on how many jumps you have used on each level. Can you collect all the treasure and make your master proud?

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LongAnimals developed Sticky Ninja Academy.

Release Date

Sticky Ninja Academy was released in 2011.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • 30 challenging levels


Use your mouse to control the ninja.