In Stickman Fugitive, take control of a criminal, and do your best to escape from the police. Preferring the thrill of bank robbery to a boring day job to make a living, our character's dreams of becoming filthy rich is at risk as the cops pursue him. Grab your guns, and be prepared for a heated encounter. How long can you escape from the law?

The nerve-grinding noise of the alarm fills the air, and you can hear the sirens of the police cars in the distance. It's now or never! Start running or all of your efforts will be for naught! In this addictive and exciting game, your objective is to escape from the police as long as you can. You're a renowned criminal, and cops are determined to catch you. From drones to shielded units and bomb-throwers, the local police station has gathered many different forces to stop you. Surrendering is not an option so you better run for your life. To play the game, use the left and right arrow keys to move around. Press the space bar or the up arrow key to jump to avoid obstacles. Your character will automatically shoot enemies. Keep an eye out for the enemy fire, as you'll lose health when get hit. When you kill an enemy, they'll drop coins, and sometimes, weapons. There are 4 types of weapons you can use, each with different stats. You can spend the coins at the in-game shop to upgrade the weapons, and buy other helpful tools to make your escape easier.

This stick figure loves to play with guns! Join him in Stickman War, and this time help him save the day. Have fun!


kiz10 developed Stickman Fugitive.

Release Date

February 7, 2018


  • 2D graphics
  • In-game shop to buy different tools
  • 4 different weapons
  • Various enemies to fight with


Use the left and right arrow keys to move around. Press the SPACE BAR or the up arrow key to jump.