You should know who the real deal is in Stick Transform! There is always someone who can do something better than anyone. Everyone should know what they are best at. In this game, you should know who those people are for what you need! Can you use the manpower wisely and win all the games?

Everyone loves platforms full of obstacles to overcome. Sometimes, we wish better characters to play with because we have difficulty in overcoming those obstacles. In this game, you have the best option for you to have even more fun while trying to complete the levels. You will have many players under the belt that you can opt for when you need them. Runner, Builder, Fireman, Boxer, and Policeman are only some of the characters you will have in this game. Just choose one of them according to the upcoming obstacle. To run fast choose runner, to go over fires choose fireman, to fight thieves choose the policeman, etc. You will unlock many new characters as you play, and you can also collect coins. Those coins can be used to upgrade the skills of any character you wish. Now, make rapid choices to be the winner at each level by overcoming the obstacles and real-time rivals!

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OneTwoPlay BV developed Stick Transform.

Release Date

January 07, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Addictive and competitive gameplay

• Intuitive controls

• Characters to unlock

• Upgradable skills

• Real-time rivals


You can use the mouse to choose the characters.