Win every match with your magical teammates in Dynamons 4! You are in the middle of a mystical island, and you need to get over many challenges, but thankfully you’re not alone. Fight your way to freedom with your Dynamons!

In this fighting simulation game, you can attack all your enemies with your magical support animals, namely Dynamons. In fact, you can even get your enemies by your side and make them your teammates. As you move on through the island by moving over the given steps, you will fight against many different Dynamons. You can use the special powers of your previously chosen Dynamon to attack the one against you. When you successfully come over an opponent, you can also use a special feature to capture them and get them on your team. At the end of each challenge, you will be unlocking new skills or even upgrading your Dynamons. Make sure to occasionally unlock new items and acquire new shards or golds from the shop for better gameplay!

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Agame developed Dynamons 4.

Release Date

November 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Items and in-game currencies to acquire

• Upgradable character features

• Multiple levels to unlock


Click left on the options you would like to choose.