Prepare your hawk’s eyes to win Spring Differences! Open your mind because you will need to have the best attention for this game. Focus on the images before you and try to explore the differences. Let’s see if you will do a good job!

Spring is on its way, and nothing describes the joy it brings better than pictures with greenish settings. If you want to prepare yourself for this mood, now you can enjoy the images with vibrant spring moods. You need to complete a vital task to be able to see all the pictures, though. There will be 30 pictures for you. You need to carefully examine pairs of almost identical images. This way, you can find the required number of differences between the pairs within a limited time. If you have difficulty spotting a difference, just use the clue button. Let’s see if you can be successful in this fun spot the difference game, now!

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Lof Games developed Spring Differences Online.

Release Date

April 12, 2021


• Cute pictures

• 30 levels to complete

• Intuitive controls

• Addictive gameplay


You can left-click to mark the spotted differences.