Save the city in Noob vs Pro Challenge! It was a normal school day and you were supposed to catch your class. But to your surprise, you woke up to a zombie apocalypse. Now, you must protect yourself and save the city from these monstrous zombies!

Get ready for a tight fight because this time your enemies are brain-eating monsters. These zombies know nothing but to walk and attack whatever they see. So, you must act wisely and choose your moves as such, too. You can collect weapons like big swords or arches around the room. Make sure to use them alongside the explosives to destroy your enemies. You can use the explosives to explode the blocks of walls to walk through the house. Now, let’s see if you can manage to become a hero and win this challenge against these zombies!

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mango_x2 developed Noob vs Pro Challenge.

Release Date

April 26, 2022


3D vintage-looking colorful graphics

Easy and fun controls

Addictive and fun gameplay

Weapons and bonuses to unlock


You can use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to control the character. Press the 1,2,3 keys to activate the abilities.