Focus on your task, and do not knock over your Stack! High up in a colorful sky, you are given the task of creating the highest stack ever. It may seem easy, but you need to concentrate so well on each centimeter not to ruin all your progress!

Here is a hyper-casual game for you to blow off some steam and focus on a single task. With the colorful 3D graphics, you will be taken into the atmospheric feeling of this skill-requiring game. You can see a perfect stack at the beginning of the game. Your aim is to drop off blocks on top of this stack to make it higher and higher. The blocks moving back and forth above the stack move way too rapidly, though. This causes a hard time stopping the moving block in the exact positioning of the stack. You may hit a perfect match by stopping in the exact way the stack does, or try to stop as close as possible causing you to lose the parts of the block that aren’t used. You can go on the game until you have no workable pieces of the block left. Feel free to unlock new themes and block skins with the gems you earn during the game. Let’s see how high you can go in this fun focus-testing game!

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Ubisoft developed Stack.

Release Date

July 07, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Dynamic and unique gameplay

Themes and stack skins to unlock


You can click left to stop the moving block at any time you like.