Travel back in time in Solitaire Daily Challenge! This innovative digital version of the widely played card game brings you challenges for each day on the calendar! Check out the dates, choose one, and see if you can beat the game! Switch between dates to keep practicing and master the art of solitaire!

Welcome to a solitaire game with new games every day! Here, you can log in daily to take on the new challenge, score points with your gameplay, and see how you did by checking out your rewards. You can get three types of trophies: bronze, silver, and gold. Don't forget that restarting the game and getting a higher score is always an option, and you can earn gold trophies in all matches by doing this! Now start the game and see your options. You can hold and carry cards or take it easy and move cards by simply clicking on them once. After rearranging the cards you have, you can start picking cards from the deck on the right to see your other options. Sort all cards from Aces to Kings, claim your reward, and return to the main menu to see the other available matches. Good luck!

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Agame developed Solitaire Daily Challenge.

Release Date

June 23, 2023


  • Easy to play
  • New challenges for each day of the month
  • Satisfying score system
  • Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.