Sneak in 3D is a three-dimensional stealth game taking place in the most secured banks on the earth. In this action-filled challenge, you must enter the banks without any weapons, pass through the doors, and take the guards down one by one without drawing any attention. Let's see if you are lucky and skilled enough to become a billionaire in minutes!

Sneak through the gates, face three guards at once, and get your hands on that sweet cash at all costs! This game pushes the players to see how much they are willing to risk to get rich, and you are welcome to try! To start your heist career, you can hit the play button and take your first step through the doors of the bank. You can see the first guard and his sight range as a white cone. Stay out of this mark and sneak behind him to finish him with one quick blow. You can see your next target approaching to examine the scene. Do not panic, wait for him to get closer, and face him in a one-on-one duel. Hit the attack button repeatedly to unarm him and make your way to the safe. Congratulations, you have just completed a heist successfully! Keep repeating these tactics to fill your pockets and stay rich!

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Xenolia developed Sneak in 3D.

Release Date

May 29, 2023


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Improving strategy skills
  • Thrilling and action-filled levels
  • Easy to play


You can use your mouse to control the character and the spacebar to attack.