What is the best thing a ball could do? Rolling, of course! In Slope Ball, let your round nature and gravity do the work and jump from platform to platform as you try to reach a high score! A colorful world filled with various obstacles, action-packed gameplay, and fun are waiting for you in Slope Ball so fasten your seat belts and plunge into the action!

Slope Ball is an amazing arcade game where you try your best to survive as long as you can while you jump, roll, and fall through the world. Filled with various obstacles, this thrilling game will challenge your reflexes and quick thinking abilities. Scared of heights? We hope not because you will be constantly falling! Before starting the game, choose a game mode. Two different modes offer two different worlds that you can play in! Feel like pushing yourself to the extreme? Then choose the endless world and start an unending journey! Challenge yourself and try to travel as far as you can! Do you want to keep things classic? Choose the normal mode and try to reach the finish line as you try to score the highest point you can without rolling off the track and dying. The ball constantly rolls and all you can do is move it left or right to avoid crashing into obstacles. To do that, use your left mouse button and swipe across the screen in the direction you want to move the ball. What is an arcade game without challenges? There is a total of 100 challenges you can complete! From collecting a certain number of gems to traveling certain distances, these challenges add an extra layer of fun to Slope Ball! On top of that, you can unlock lots of new balls and purchase them with the gems you collect!

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Robert Alsin developed Slope Ball.

Release Date

January 2019


  • Lots of balls to unlock and use
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • 100 different challenges to complete


Use your mouse to play this game.