Seafaring Memory Challenge is here to put your memory to the test and have fun while doing so! Do you trust your memory, or have trouble remembering what you've eaten the day before? Let's see if your memory is as strong as you think!

Your objective in this game is to remember the positions of the cards and pair the duos by clicking on them. In each level, you will have a brief view of all the cards on the screen, and then they will be turned over. In this short time, try to memorize the locations of all the cards. When you click on a card, it will reveal the image on it and you will have to find its pair. If you fail, the cards will be turned over and you will have to guess again. With each successful match, you will earn points and can track your score from the bottom right corner of the screen. You should pay attention to your time as well! If you run out of time without pairing all of the cards, you will fail the level. In this case, you can watch a short ad for some extra time. Can you complete all the levels without running out of time?

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Lof Games developed Seafaring Memory Challenge.

Release Date

April 10, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different aquatic-themed cards
  • Dozens of fun levels


Use your mouse to play.