Build a secret lab for your twisted experiments with SCP Laboratory Idle Secret! Discover what lies behind humanity's past and what holds its future with these tests! Make money off each upgrade, click repeatedly to accelerate the process, and contribute more to your lab!

You are now welcome to explore what they kept hidden from humanity all along. Enter this secret lab as an employee, and discover the covered incidents while making a fortune off your job. But be careful; keeping some extra funds for unexpected events might come in handy. If you are ready, you can start hitting the red button to make some cash. When you have enough, you can go to the shop and hire a security guard at the upgrades tab. Now you have a passive income that keeps you earning without clicking. Still, clicking increases the earning speed, helping you reach your goals faster. Purchase more upgrades to increase your lab's growth, and see how your profits multiply. Hide some spare cash for story events; you can never know what's next! Contact with aliens, give life to new species, and take your experiments one level further to trigger new incidents. Let's see how far you can go without being decoded!

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Mirra Games developed SCP Laboratory Idle Secret.

Release Date

January 30, 2023


Fun and interesting storyline

Addictive gameplay

Unlockable upgrades and achievements

Random events

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game. Click on the red button to accelerate, and use the shop tabs to buy upgrades.