Show your enemies your amazing martial arts skills in Samurai vs Yakuza Beat'em Up! The bad guys need to learn a lesson, and unfortunately, you are a very strict teacher. Can you beat everyone you encounter?

Mastering the martial arts is a big achievement, and you get the chance to show off your skills! You will encounter various enemies in this game and you have a single objective: defeat them before they defeat you! Start the game by selecting a character. In the beginning, only one character is available, but you can unlock the second one by watching short ads. Use the arrow keys to move around, the Z and X keys to attack, SPACEBAR to jump, and the C key to defend yourself. Your enemies will enter the screen from both sides, so keep your guard up. You can see your health bar in the top left corner of the screen. Make sure to break crates and other items. Some may contain different weapons. Just because an enemy is down doesn't mean you've defeated them! Go next to them and throw one last finishing move before they get back on their feet! Try your best to defeat as many enemies as you can! Enjoy!

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Meyagames developed Samurai vs Yakuza Beat Em Up.

Release Date

May 9, 2024


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 2 different characters to select


  • Use the Arrow keys to move around.
  • Use the Z and X keys to attack.
  • Use the SPACEBAR key to jump.
  • Use the C key to guard yourself.