Operate your favorite amusement park toy with Roller Coaster! Control the train, pick up more riders, and protect them from the hazards while keeping the crowd’s excitement at the top! Tilt the train left and right while it follows the track, save the customers, and collect money'

You can now play this game to open your dream amusement park and control the craziest ride as you wish! Interact with your customers one-on-one, draw the lines of your rides, decide how much you earn, and reach the finish line with no accidents! Get each bonus you can get your hands on, leave no customers behind, and fill all boxes at the end! Start the first level and control the basic controls. Hold your train with your mouse or finger and slide it slightly to move left and right. Tilt to the other side of the track to dodge the traps and hazards. Pick up the banknotes to make extra money off these rides. You can get new riders on your train by getting your train to touch them. Save these customers and keep them safe until the end to get some surprise bonuses. Fill in all the seats to multiply your income.

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2Play developed Roller Coaster.

Release Date

September 29, 2022


Simple controls

Fun amusement park theme

Addictive levels

Colorful 3D graphics

Available on mobile

Unlockable skins


You can use your mouse to play this game.