Conquer the skies with Real Flight Simulator 3D! Learn to fly heavy metal birds, complete missions, and pass levels! Improve your flight skills with each stage, keep up with the increasing challenge, and unlock new planes to try! Let's see if you have the skills to control these machines!

You can learn to control planes, get missions, collect gold coins, and buy new planes to match your increasing flight skills! Can you learn to fly, master your skills, and pass the missions while the levels get more difficult each time? We will see. Let's start with your flight education! Increase the plane's speed from the right and use the arrow keys as shown. Reach the goal to complete the quest. You must avoid hitting mountains or diving into the ocean. Do not wander off and get lost; that might get you disqualified. Stay away from the balloons and zeppelins to avoid crashes, and keep your eyes on the purple line. Pass every checkpoint and collect the gold coins in the arena. You earn money from each mission. Save that money to unlock your dream plane. Buy and try all models to find the best flight machine for you. Good luck!

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YAD.Com developed Real Flight Simulator 3D.

Release Date

September 27, 2021


Nice 3D graphics

Stunning backgrounds and maps

Helping tutorials

Unlockable planes

Available on mobile


Use your mouse or the arrow keys to control your plane.