Accept the quests to play your role as the protector of your city with your police car with Grand Vegas Simulator! Hop into your car, arrest drunk drivers, arrive at crime scenes, and complete limit tests to see if you are in shape! Let's see how you do on this new mission!

Climb the ranks by completing quests with your customized car! That is right; you can customize every inch of your car individually however you like! Stop by the garage and check the car options. Then you can open the customization tab and color your vehicle. Use some stickers, choose shades, and check out tires and smoke options. You can always come back here to unlock new cars. Now, let's get to your first mission! Roam the streets until you get a call or see an irresponsible driver. Accept the mission quickly to attend to it and follow the instructions. Follow cars and hit them repeatedly to arrest drivers, reach the required speed within the time limit, and escort the president to the goal spot. Stay careful on the streets and keep the city peaceful to climb up in your career and rank up! Unlock faster cars to keep up with the increasing tempo, and become an exemplary police officer!

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No Outlinks developed Grand Vegas Simulator.

Release Date

May 13, 2022


Good 3D graphics

Nine vehicles to unlock

Car customization options

Fun and challenging quests


You can use the arrow keys to play this game.ç