Get your hands dirty with Real Construction Excavator Simulator! Drive construction machines around, get your assignments done, and carry your load to the next site! Explore the threats of the challenging terrain and weather, try to keep your load in the trunk, and pass levels with success to get new jobs!

We have the perfect game for construction and excavation machine enthusiasts! You can control excavation vehicles and trucks, drive around mountains, load your trunk with the materials needed, and carry them to the base! You control all the operations; use all the machines one by one and get the work done by yourself! To start this one-man operation, you can get into your truck and follow the signs. Drive slowly and carefully; these land shapes can be truly unforgiving. Pass the snowy hills to reach your destination and park your car. Now you can get into the other machine and start digging! Use the machine's stick to fill the trunk and switch vehicles again. Now you are ready to return to the first site, but be careful; one wrong move can empty your trunk! Drive slowly to the marked parking spot and drop your load there to move on to the next mission!

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Developer developed Real Construction Excavator Simulator.

Release Date

March 9, 2023


  • Good 3D graphics
  • Realistic driving experience
  • Multiple quests on each level
  • 8 challenging stages


Use "W, A, S, D" to move, the spacebar for brakes, "E" to use the stick, "F" to switch vehicles, and your mouse to change the camera angle.